Pull the plug on rising water bills

We’re set to see our water bills rise by an average of £8 a year from 1st April so here’s my five easy ways to save money.

Switch to a meter 

If you don’t have one, you could save around £100 a year switching according to the Consumer Council for Water   As a rough guide, if you’ve got more bedrooms than people in your property, you’re more likely to save.

And good news is, if you switch and don’t find bills are cheaper, you can switch back for free.

Fish for freebies

Lots of water companies offer free water saving packs with gadgets to reduce the amount of water used when you flush the loo.  Have a chat with your water company to see what’s on offer.

Go green

Use the ‘eco’ cycle on your dishwasher or washing machine to use less water and try and wait till you’ve got a full load.

Jump in the shower 

Swap baths for showers.  A quick shower uses half the amount of water and saves around £50 a year if you’re on a meter.

Sign up to WaterSure

This caps bills if you’re on a meter, claim certain benefits and need lots of water due to medical conditions or if you’ve got a large family.  Contact your water supplier for details.


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