Why tea and coffee are such valuable commodities

And I don’t mean on the trading floor………

Spotted a piece on the BBC News website this week about the politics of the office tea round.

And how, if you’re slow to take your turn, it can mean you’re out in the cold.

I’m a great believer in the power of mug of tea, or coffee for that matter, as a non tea drinker myself.

If I’m having work done around the house I’m straight in the kitchen getting the kettle on and dishing up some decent biscuits. In my personal research always found chocolate ‘Hobnobs’ go down best!

And never under estimate the power of a mug of tea as it can save you some serious cash!

When our washing machine was playing up a couple of years ago I called out a repair engineer, (as it was under warranty), and while chatting over tea and biscuits he told me he often got called out to fix machines that had fallen victim to kids ‘posting’ things through the door or the fact that filter had never been cleaned.

He said that strictly speaking under company rules, if the machine was under warranty, he was supposed to bill for his time, unless the problem was an actual ‘machine fault’ but let slip that ‘if they’ve given me a decent cup of tea I don’t usually bother’.

Now I’m not suggesting this works in every case but many’s the time I’ve managed to negotiate a deal over a cuppa when it comes to the DIY so it’s not just in the workplace that it pays to do the tea run!

BBC News – The politics of the office tea round