Why do some folks seem embarrassed to save money?

How you can save £5 in one minute…..

It always amazes me when people seem to willingly pay over the odds for something, especially when you tell them how they can save money.

If you pay to park at my local station before 10am it costs £8.10, but from 10am onwards it’s £3.30. So that’s a big difference if you bowl up just before 10 and don’t check the charges.

So yesterday morning, there I was standing by the machine at one minute to ten waiting for it to tick over and a fellow traveller approached.

So I explained that he was welcome to go first but if he waited less than a minute he’d save a fiver on his parking which was exactly what I was about to do.

He seemed taken back and blustered on about the fact he wasn’t worried about that and went ahead to pay. Now whether he was paying from his own pocket or putting it on ‘company expenses’ wouldn’t the logic of saving £5 make it worth waiting that extra minute? Especially when the next train in either direction was a good ten minutes away?

Funny enough we both ended up on the same platform waiting for the London train; me a fiver richer and him a fiver poorer! Smug, me? Never…….