The brilliant concept of Ziferblat

Everything inside is free – all you pay for is the time you spend there.

Discovered Ziferblat on a trip to Liverpool last week and I’m hooked!

Once inside this fabulous cafe come meeting place, everything is free, from coffee and cake to wifi, papers and even a stack of board games.

The original version opened in Moscow, founded by Ivan Meetin as a ‘tree house’ for adults and since then these little meeting places have taken off with 14 locations around the world.

All you pay for is the time you spend there. At the Albert Dock in Liverpool you pay 8p a minute. So spend an hour there and you’re looking at £4.80 which is probably more than a coffee and a cake in Starbucks. And as the food and drink is unlimited – you can help yourself and make toasted sandwiches, munch on biscuits and cake and stock up on cheese snacks, you could pop in for a lovely feed all for under a fiver. And while I’m not suggesting you whizz in, scoff and run, let’s be honest you could probably manage a coffee and snack in 15 minutes which would only set you back £1.20.

Did spot a couple of folks there who seemed to be piling their plates high, clock watching and running off but most people were there enjoying the relaxing surroundings and making the most of a brilliant concept. Totally sold!

If you fancy trying one in the UK there’s venues in Manchester, London and Liverpool.

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