How do Hermes couriers manage to leave a parcel in a locked shed?

They don’t; they just say they have but pop it in the bin instead!

Came home yesterday to find a note from the Hermes delivery people saying my parcel was in my bin! Nice one!

Stranger though was the fact that when I checked my order status on its website, my parcel as listed as ‘left securely in shed’.

Now maybe Hermes couriers have some special hidden powers that none of us know about; but I’d be curious to know how they could have got into my shed to leave a parcel when it’s in my back garden and got a big padlock on it?

And of course that would mean they then got it back out again, to leave it in my bin! Ok so sarcasm aside, I know it’s probably a thankless job and they’re not earning huge sums of money, plus, as is often well documented, couriers may not get paid until a delivery is made; hence parcels are often pictured on social media after they’ve been left in all sorts of daft places.

Am guessing maybe there’s not a ‘tick box’ to say ‘dumped in bin’ so looked better to claim it was left in a locked shed; except they didn’t have the key……..


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