Happy to wave goodbye to Vodafone

I’ve just waved goodbye to Vodafone.  Regular billing problems coupled with the fact they couldn’t come close to competing on the best deal I’d found all contributed to the breakdown of our relationship.

To be fair to Vodafone, the one person in the company who does get problems sorted promptly is their chief executive, or one of his team.  When I’ve got fed up with Vodafone’s customer service I’ve mailed their chief exec direct, after finding his contact details on this wonderful website which shares names and emails of heaps of top company bods.    Once I’ve mailed things always seem to be sorted on a very speedy basis.

The sums don’t add up

One problem I’ve found is that whatever deal you agree, it never seems to tally with what’s on your bill, so last time round I took to asking for text confirmation of the deal as proof of what we’d agreed.

So it wasn’t without a smile on my face that I rang Vodafone’s ‘disconnections’ department to finally pull the plug as I’m now happily out of contract.

Told them I was leaving as I was unhappy with the service and got my ‘PAC’ code to transfer my number,

Just let me go…….

But despite being elusive and hard to get hold of when I’d had problems, Vodafone took to mounting a ‘Keep the Customer’ campaign with several phone calls.  Missed them both, but traced them back to Vodafone plus a further email sharing the neews that they now had a ‘better’ plan for me.

If ever I needed proof that Vodafone can’t do its sums, this is it.   The ‘deal’ they  were offering was twice the price I was paying before I left, but not for double the data or anything else.  In fact it’s a worse deal in terms of what I’d get for my money than the one I was on before deciding to switch.

Funny enough Vodafone’s email tells me that they’ll ‘transfer’ me on to this new deal by August; so good luck with that as I’ve already left and taken my phone number with me!   So that’s a double no thanks Vodafone and goodbye……..

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