How to get your money back if shows, festivals or sports events are cancelled due to Coronavirus

If you’ve got tickets for the theatre, festivals or sporting events, chances are you won’t be going. Theatres are closing their curtains, cinemas have shut and everything from Glastonbury to the Grand National has been cancelled.

If you’ve forked out for tickets and worried about being out of pocket, here’s how to get your money back.

If the event is cancelled…..

You should get your money back if the event is cancelled. Basic rule is that if you pay for an event or service and the company you’ve paid can’t provide it, you should get your money back.

Get in touch with the theatre, venue or company you bought your ticket from to ask for a refund, however any refund is unlikely to include booking fees or postage charges.

Lots of theatres and ticket agencies belong to the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers. This includes many of the major ticket sellers like Ticketmaster, See Tickets and

Means added protection if for any reason you’re having a struggle to get your money back.

If the event is postponed…..

Keep hold of your ticket as you may need to produce it for a replacement once a new date is announced. But don’t worry if you can’t make the new date as you’ll still be entitled to a refund.

Forked out on hotels or train tickets

If you booked a hotel to stay overnight after the event and no longer need it, you’ve no automatic right to a refund as this time round, you’re the one cancelling the booking.

Worth contacting the hotel or website you booked with to check its cancellation policy. usually offer free cancellation up to a certain time limit and some places like Premier Inn have introduced a temporary policy where customers can cancel pre-booked stays until the end of May.

And if you shelled out on train tickets, depending on the ticket you may get your money back or the chance to rebook. With ‘Off Peak’ and ‘Anytime’ tickets you can get your money back. Usual £10 admin fees are being waived at this time

With ‘Advance’ tickets, which are non refundable, you can rebook free of charge for a later date. Get in touch with the train operator for refunds or changes.

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