Why New Year’s resolutions can dent your bank balance

That extra glass of fizz at midnight may give you a horrid headache but the New Year could bring a financial hangover too.

Making New Year’s resolutions can be bad for your bank balance according to the number crunchers at TSB   It reckons we each shell out an average of £187 in our enthusiasm for a ‘new start’ on January 1st.  But one in three of us give up on at least half of our new goals by the end of January.  And nearly half of us have packed in the lot by March.

So here’s how those numbers stack up!

Getting fit

This one costs us £73 on a mix of gym and slimming club memberships and forking out on new gym clothes so we look the part, or buying fitness DVD’s so we can get fit in the privacy of our homes!

Healthy eating

Who hasn’t opened a fridge full of leftovers with post Christmas cheese and chocolate and decided to eat more healthily?  But it’s not just a case of ditching the chocolate as we splash out £42 on juices and smoothie blenders in a bid to make our healthy eating regime go the distance.

New hobbies

This can be anything from learning a new language to taking up music lessons or painting and means stumping up an average of £34 according to TSB.

And when it comes to how we’ll pay for our plans; one in five of us say we’ll rely on our credit card to fund those resolutions…….

So reckon I’ll be sticking to the ‘free’ ones and aiming, (as always!),  to do more walking, (10,000 steps a day minimum is the plan…..), drink more water (yes the old ‘eight’ glasses a day is always one of my regular resolutions too!), and most importantly to try and make the most of every minute of a brand new year.

Happy New Year to you all and hope it’s a great one for you whether you stick to your resolutions or not……

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